Technical study to identify hydrogen hubs/clusters in Colombia

Technical study to identify hydrogen hubs/clusters in Colombia

Fichtner provides technical assistance to GIZ in the execution of technical and economic studies focused on the geographical identification of potential regions for establishing hydrogen hubs/clusters in Colombia. The overall objective of the PtX Hub initiative is to ensure that public and private decision-makers in emerging countries incorporate sustainability criteria into the development and implementation of PtX concepts and technologies, consistent with the national hydrogen strategy of the German government.

Our services

  • Elaboration of a roadmap
  • Diagnosis of H2 hubs/clusters at international level and development of a methodology for their identification
  • Development of a methodology for estimating the levelized cost of production
  • Assessment of all stages of the value chain
  • Identification of areas suitable for implementing H2 hubs/clusters
  • Assessment of the wind, solar, hydro, and biomass potential available and their H2 production potentials
  • Assessment of storage systems and transport infrastructure
  • Estimation of supply and demand potentials for hydrogen
  • Identification of technical, policy, and regulatory enabling factors


GIZ-Büro ConoSur Agencia de la GIZ en el Perú (financed by: GIZ (formerly: GTZ)), Lima, Peru